20 Jan 2013

I appreciated the naked eye 3d and mobile multiplayer interaction, eventhough I cannot think about how openframeworks integrate in to the game. Using the most accessable tools, in this case the cell phone, to play with others in a AR setting is will be prevailing in the near future.

A work was done two years ago using oF.It reminds me of the old shadow silhouette. It is a very nature and in a story context. Playful and fun.

Interactive Puppet Prototype with Xbox Kinect from Theo Watson on Vimeo.

The following three videos are all related to using algorithms representing to flocking and swarm simulations in openFrameworks. When I was looked outwards watching video, I found out I encounter so many examples in this kind. I write about these three, because It is let me think tht openframeworks may have a lot of applications in generative art or sound visualization.

One Second Before Big Bang from openFrameworks Lab on Vimeo.