15 Jan 2013

“Admired Profoundly”

This is a pretty cool project, almost a bit creepy, which is probably why I enjoy it. The setup is beautiful: an old empty building with an otherworldly object suspended in space. This object serves as your only means of light and responds to your presence, but not necessarily in a welcoming way. I admire this project because it manages to evoke a wide variety of feelings without being overdone. I find it to be beautiful yet scary, grounded yet surreal… it just feels “alive.”


Despite its seeming simplicity, I found this project to be surprisingly alluring to me. Initially I thought it was a series of strings in tension, then I quickly realized that was impossible. It is really just a stretched piece of spandex and projection mapping, that when combined, created an interactive surface that deforms in a beautiful, unexpected way.

VR Glove

I really like the idea of using projection mapping and a game to highlight architectural features, and to allow users to interact with the built environment in a different, unexpected way. I thought this was a neat idea, but I can’t get myself to fall in love with the means of control. I feel the VR glove doesn’t really embrace all the ways a hand can move as it limits controls to a tilting motion. Perhaps, it is just the choice of the game; after all, pong only allows you to move right and left. It would have been interesting to see the game hooked up to the person’s entire body, rather than just their hand. Maybe instead of tilting your hand right/left, you run right/left. That would be exhausting, but fun.