27 Jan 2013


This is my simple compilation of two ofxAddons:
ofxBeatTracking by zenwerk (http://ofxaddons.com/repos/63)
ofxOscilloscope by mazbox (http://ofxaddons.com/repos/295)

The whole thing basically consists of a background image and different sound graphs I rotated and translated onto the screen of the TVs. I skinned the graphs to my tasteā€¦ nothing particularly special. Kind of looks cool though.

I selected these two addons because I wanted to do something with sound and graphing. I don’t typically work with sound, so I figured something new would be good. In addition, I wanted something fairly easy code-wise because I’ve never worked with openFrameworks or C++ before.

Github Repository: https://github.com/yvonnehidle/beatTVs
Original Blog Post @ Arealess: http://www.arealess.com/compiling-ofxaddons/