10 Feb 2013

I’m trying to make a data visualization using an animal shelter dataset I found here (https://data.weatherfordtx.gov/Community-Services/Animal-Shelter-All-Animal-Cases/2ek5-qq7s). I have 29,600 animals since 2007. Information includes animal type, breed, gender, name, arrival date, arrival reason, etc. At the moment I am currently trying to create a visualization using toxiclibs that involves particles. Each animal is a particle that moves into and out of the shelter on a time basis. I’m trying to get it so you can organize the particles to understand the data in different ways (number of black animals vs. other colored animals in the shelter, number of euthanizations, number of dogs vs. number of cats).

I’m also interested in other items of data, such as the number of pounds of animals euthanized. As well as reasons for shelter arrival and so forth. I’m also working on a code that enables a user to click on a particle and get the animal’s name and other data.

I guess I don’t have it entirely fleshed out because I’m unsure what I am capable of producing. At the moment I have a particles system working and my API data is finally coming into Processing correctly. I just need to get the two to work together and produce something interesting.

I have rough sketches, but unfortunately I left them at studio and don’t have photos of them. I’ll bring them to class on Monday.