24 Feb 2013

Mole Bot

Mole Bot is one of my favorite projects, why? Because it is an interactive pet coffee table! I think it is a well thought out project that approaches the 3d pixel in a different way. The interactivity with the “mole” is cute and fun, especially when combined with Kinect camera.


Angry Birds Live

I thought this was a fun project that linked the virtual with the real. It’s not an individual student project, true. But I enjoy how they took a game and translated that game into a reality in a fun, overly dramatic way.



I’m a sucker for gravitating/levitating objects. Anything that seems to defy gravity gets me all excited. That could explain why I like magic shows so much. Regardless, I think this project is interesting for its interactivity as well. I mean, you’re interacting with a floating ball, that’s just cool. And you can do a lot of real time stuff with it. Simulate solar systems, get video from an architectural model, or just play pong.