08 Apr 2013



Capstone Checkin 1

Your avatar is on a boat floating through the air. The boat is slowly heading for a light house light spinning far in the distance. If you look above you see clouds and sky; if you look below you see lightning. Schools of fish swim next to the boat and flit in and out of the clouds. You are free to walk around your ship, though there is not much to explore. However, if you leap over the sides of the boat you yourself become a fish. You can swim and get back to the boat as long as you control the character. Left to its own devices, though, your character will join a school of fish and begin to travel far away from your ship. You may encounter other ships, but you may never find your own again.

-Fish state change
-Main character

-Fish swimming
-Other fish activities
-Main character walking
-Main character swimming
-Main character state change

-Main character state change
-Main character movement
-Move and spawn clouds
-Clouds avoid ship
-Fish on ship
-Fish flocking
-Compelled flocking