20 Jan 2013

So I think I’ll start with a quick sketch that holds a lot of merit for me: Pigmento a work by Giuseppe Burdo, Emanuele Libralato, Salvatore Santaniello, and Achille della Grazia is a beautiful (albeit maybe not that interesting) experiment that kind of represents a new physical and tactile area that is being explored by the oF community. I think that this and the next project I Spy by Neil Mendoza are both great examples of an interaction that surpasses a screen. I Spy may not be the most wonderfully made object installation in the world, but it sure has some poetry. Unlike Pigmento, I Spy has a sort of unexpected and successfully surprising result. The imagery might be a little steeped with stereotypical connotations but it is none the less a powerful statement is made about surveillance  individual privacy and public access.

Next I looked for something that is an enormous contribution to the field of New Media as a whole and I went at it with a sculpture perspective. I think I found it when the only words that came out of my mouth were “Fuck this is beautiful”. Missing is an interactive installation by Kyle McDonald. I really hope it is using openFrameworks as I am not sure. But the project speaks louder than any code that could be behind it. It is more than a way to listen to music. It is more than an installation. The individuality and sever exposure to attention I believe to be at the heart of what this work is about and what the world that oF is creating may be aiming for. An interactive experience that equals more than the sum of its parts. Check it out and imagine yourself being alone in that room in the center of the speakers. Absolutely stunning.