22 Jan 2013

ofxInteractiveSurface by Patrico Gonzales: This one is absolutely awesome. I believe that the surface interaction could be a great way to get an audience into a sculpture or performance. Something that this Addon could do for me is to make a sleek, intuitive, physical UI for intervening or contributing to a live performance.

ofxTwitter by Drew Veraga: Twitter is just such a useful tool. The ofxTwitter Addon allows you to see the TwitterSphere through your account. I believe that an traversable (on screen) map of a city based on tweets and their locations would be a beautiful image and project to make. Possibly a Twitter ofx sculpture based on some kind of keyword (example-build) that turns on a driver that proceeds to drill a screw into an ongoing formalist sculpture?

ofxImageSequence by Flightphase: It is as simple as it sounds. It plays back a sequence of captured or acquired images in a movie form at a specified fps. I think this could be used in combination with the ofxInteractiveSurface above. Potentially have an audience compose a movie out of a series of assorted ‘clips’ and images.