21 Jan 2013

Receipt Racer

Receipt Racer — undef and Joshua Noble

Receipt Racer is an OpenFrameworks game played with a PlayStation controller, a projector, and a receipt printer. The course is printed out ahead of your “car” and you must move your light based protagonist to avoid the tangible printed obstacles.
I found the blending of tangible and ephemeral entities quite nice. The fact that the entire history of game play persists as a pile of thermal paper at the feet of the player is also quite striking. Playing the game likely seems more serious and important as one copes with vague eco-guilt as they play.
There is room for improvement in the very typical controller. Some kind of slider or single-axis joystick would be less distracting to me. It wouldn’t tke much to bring this from tech demo to clean and sturdy installation, but it needs a cabinet.

Graffiti Analysis: Sculpture — Evan Roth

Graffiti Analysis: Sculpture

This Graffiti analysis sculpture is presumably a 3d printed version of an interpretation of the movements of a particular instance of graffiti. A laptop running OpenFrameworks-based program tracks the movement of the artist using an LED attached to the inking device. The computer presumably interprets luminous intensity as depth and exports a 3d model. The model is refined in blender and printed in white. It is then put in a gallery to be admired.

I found the form striking. Very interesting source for 3d data. The final piece more than vaguely resembles the aesthetics of graffiti.


Audience — rAndom International

Audience is a really humanist piece involving many mirrors and many servos.
All of the several dozen mirrors will orient themselves in such a way to show the audience several copies of their own reflection. They follow the audience using computer vision.
I love the idea of being unable to escape yourself. The mildly antagonistic, yet kind actions of the robots really interact well with the audience.
The work of rAndom International is quite good and worth looking at if you are not familiar.