23 Jan 2013

ofxVoronoi Graphics by vanderlin

I love Voronoi.
I am hardly alone in this.
I could use it to interpret dartboard hits or my typical click history. I’m sure it would be pretty.
Maybe it can even do 3d.

ofxOscilloscope by produceconsumerobot

I do enjoy a nice signal. Especially if they are well visualized. The combination of this and a fancy ADC would allow me to capture the proprietary waveform of a commercial electronic transcutenaneous muscle stimulator I am trying to reverse engineer. I plan on using my own arm as actuators, much like Daito Manabe, but with my arms.

ofxNetworkArduino Hardware Interface by egradman

Firmata ain’t a bad way to control your world with less fuss. This could come in handy for my moon-laser project, wherein I need to read accelerometer and compass values from an Arduino and push servo positions based on web info on astronomy. I was surprised to see that, unbeknownst to me, this add-on was written by a close friend from LA. Small world of new media folks, I guess.