06 Feb 2013

Grower – 2004 – Sabrina Raaf

This robot crawls along the wall and paints hopeful blades of grass which correspond to C02 emissions.
This doesn’t actually appear to have anything to do with environmentalism, which is refreshing and strange.
The artist sees it as more of a visualization of organic life and the chemical impacts organisms have on one another.
As an early example of data-driven kinetic art, this piece subscribes to what will later become tropes in the genre.
I am seriously considering doing a data-driven eco-themed sculpture, and happening across this really well done example is informing my research well.
This is not a guilt dispensing device, as much environmentally themed art tends toward, but a truly though provoking exploration of the relationships between living things, expressed effectively by an artificial living thing drawing fake living things. Whoa.

Colony – 2013 – Nervous System


The work of Nervous System is a beautiful set of examples in the field of generative tangibles. They have coined their wares as physibles.
Their attention to aesthetic detail and current architectural trends sets them apart from other product design firms. Biomimetic forms have always been beautiful and are just coming around to the mass market spotlight. The combination of Product Design, Architecture, Programming, and fashion is quite striking.