OFX Addons Attempt

Author: Marlena Summary: Compiled combination of explosions and interfaces Abstract: An attempt to combine an explosions addon with an interface addon in openFrameworks. Repository: https://github.com/thisisanexparrot/ExplosionGradient

The sad tidings were that I wasn’t successful in achieving my goal. After having found these two libraries for generating explosions and for making a user interfaces, I had hoped to make a program that let the user change the size, color, number, and type of explosions using some sort of sliding method. I especially wanted to create a gauge that would let the user slide along a gradient of a violent explosion of fire and shrapnel to a beautiful explosion of abstract shapes and light. As this project stands, the two libraries seem to compile in the same project without any errors.

I think my main mistake was that I spent too much time trying to become acclimated to the new programming language and environment as opposed to just jumping in and seeing what would work. The result is that I am now a lot more familiar with the structure of openFrameworks in the context of Xcode but at the cost of the time that I could have spent hacking in C++. I’m also glad that I learned about openFrameworks–after spending time researching it and hunting through its vast collection of addons I’ve discovered that it’s a really cool platform with an active community that I’m looking forward to exploring more now that I have an idea of what it can do.

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Marlena Abraham is a sophomore officially studying computer science and unofficially studying biking, mechanical engineering, design, cooking, board games, knitting, traveling, hacking toy cars, RPG's, and creative expressions of all kinds. She likes to pick up new skills wherever she can find them and likes even more to find the opportunities to apply them.

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