Peek – an augmented reality system

Author: Andy Summary: Peek is a mobile application which allows you to view virtual performers in physical space. Abstract: Peek uses the RGBD Toolkit and Qualcomm's Vuforia SDK in the Unity 3D game engine to challenge the notion that familiar spaces are immutable and challenge viewers to engage with their surroundings. Repository:

Peek – an augmented reality system from Andy Biar on Vimeo.

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About Andy

I'm a junior in the Computer Science and Arts program, with concentrations in Computer Science and Music Technology. I came to CMU thinking that I wanted to enter the video game industry, but computer music and software engineering have caught my eye as well. I like to make things, and have been most involved making video games and building Booth, so I'm really excited to be in IACD 2013 and see what kind of creativity and passion I may or may not discover.

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