20 Jan 2013

Monde Binaire “Hello World !!!” by¬†Media Design HEAD

Monde Binaire “Hello World !!!” is a 36-paged interactive comic book, with 22 hidden animations that can be accessed through a mobile application. This openFrameworks application really attracts me because it takes a simple object and modifies it into something more engaging. When reading a comic book, you are usually engaged to the content of the story and the beautifully-drawn graphics. This application goes beyond the norm by adding a new and interesting interactive experience to the common act of reading cartoons.

Fun Race Machine by Getorade Run and Thomas Inc, Japan

Getorade, with Thomas Inc, Japan, developed this ‘Fun Race Machine’ — a unique treadmill machine, with arrayed 3D LED and sound that synchronize with runner’s running steps. I really like it simply because it just looks really fun. It definitely changes my attitude towards this not-so-amazing workout. It makes you believe that you are not actually doing what you are doing, and are not where you think you are (as in you are not actually running on a treadmill, but are dancing in a nightclub). I can only think of what a cool experience it would be to exercise on a machine like this. I would work out every day if I had this. I really would.

A Journey – Dublin by Kimchi and Chips

I don’t think ‘A Journey – Dublin’ is an important contribution to the field, but definitely is one interesting experiment. Visitors draw images of their private journey and arrange them in the box, where the images are being scanned. The light traces the drawings, representing the trace of a unique memory. I like the fact that it is not only interactive, but also gives an emphasis on personality and individuality.