22 Jan 2013


ofxGSTT by julapy 

ofxGSTT is an openFrameworks addon to use google unofficial speech to text API. It is an addon that translates speech into text for openFrameworks. There are two projects that come to mind. I think it should be interesting to use this addon in a classroom environment. Imagine a class or a lecture hall where a teacher speaks, and his speech is projected onto the wall. That speech can then be saved and given out to students at the end of the class. It will also be interesting to see what comes out of a person’s mouth over an hour or so period of time (Let’s hope that the professor doesn’t swear). Also, it would be cool to use this similar concept, but instead of a classroom, it will be used at a concert. The lyrics that you sing will be projected on a large screen, allowing people to follow along — a mix between a performance and a karaoke.

ofxMSAFluid by memo

ofxMSAFluid is an addon for solving and drawing 2D fluid systems based on Navier-Stokes equations. Navier-Stokes equations describe the fluid motion, and can be used to model many things such as water flowing through a pipe and air flowing around airplane’s wings. I took a class called ‘Fluid Mechanics’ that studies fluid and the force that is being applied,  Honestly, I don’t really know exactly what kind of application I would use this for, but I find it very interesting to see an application that uses the technical material that I learned in a mechanical engineering class to create work that is artistic and beautiful.

 ofxMpplr by maxilla cult

ofxMpplr is a projection mapping addon. I am pretty new to the concept of projecting virtual contents on physical objects. But after looking through videos of projection mapping projects, I want to explore more on this art form. I think this addon could make a potentially powerful work.

a projection mapping work I really like: