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Hi everyone, my name is Sam Gruber. I’m a BCSA Architecture junior and President of the Computer Club here at CMU. I’m interested in machine intelligence, realtime graphics demos and interface design. In my spare time, I have also been sighted both playing and running tabletop role-playing games.



When working on my tabletop games, I’ve often used wikis to organize all of the information related to the stories I’m trying to tell. However, I found that at the early stages of this process, even a wiki has excessive structure in terms of building up the cross-links.

That led me to develop Stream. Stream builds links between ideas for you, and doesn’t get in the way when you’re just beginning to work on the idea. You can keep jotting down ideas as they come to you, and Stream will fit the pieces together as you go.

Stream - Droplet Stream - Stream

Right now, Stream does more or less what I envisioned it doing: providing a quick tool for getting out ideas before moving on to something with more structure. It is however, still pretty rough around the edges: no way to save/export, no multi-word titles, punctuation can trip it up.

Stream was written in Ruby using the Shoes GUI toolkit. You can have a look at the source on Github.

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About Sam

Sam Gruber is a junior studying Computer Science and Architecture and the President of the CMU Computer Club. His interests include machine intelligence, realtime graphics demos, and interface design, and he has been sighted both playing in and running tabletop roleplaying games. Sam has experience working with PHP, HTML/CSS, Javascript/Node.js, SML, C/C++ and Linux. He also dabbles in Ruby, Processing, Cinder, Python, and pretty much anything that seems interesting.