19 Jan 2013

Hello everyone.

Occu-bot (2011)

My name is Taeyoon Choi, I am an artist based in New York and Seoul. I will be one of the virtual students for this course, and I’m very excited. I like to hack electronics, design analog/digital devices, create situations/performances, curate exhibitions.I also write and draw comics some of which have been published as books and zines. I spend a lot of time thinking about and experimenting with different forms of pedagogy and participation with special interest in new media, open source, low tech + high impact in mind. Past few years I spent much of my energy working with activists, social workers and scholars regarding issues of public space, systematic violence, environmental issues and so on.

My work can be found at this site, The creators project did a short interview with me and other things..

Rant twitter.com/tchoi8

Repo https://github.com/tchoi8

Book club http://readingrockbookclub.tumblr.com/


For this course, I’m hoping to do all or most of the assignments and also to contribute in critical discussions about your work. I’m hoping this is finally a chance to motivate myself to learn proper programming!

Thanks Golan for taking me and few others to become virtual students!