28 Jan 2013


I am honestly ashamed to post this homework, but I respect deadline, so here it goes. I tried working with many addons, including fancy deluxe package such as ofxTimeline and etc. Somehow, I wasn’t compiling them right. And every when they compile, they wouldn’t speak to one another. This example is a super early work in progress. I’d like to draw a shape, triangulate it, and animate the mesh via ofxAnimate. So far, I’ve only got to draw, animate the outline and have two rectangles come back to the mouse (and even that’s an accidental hack). The app crashes where the drawings are clustered. https://github.com/tchoi8/IACD/tree/master/Animatable_Triangle_2

Another app that I was working on was using opencvHaarFinder to detect face and make a playing card via exporting to pdf. I got only as far as finding faces and laying them out on the side. Will work on this, and also test with ofFaceOSC and ofTLDdetector as they might be better algorithm.  https://github.com/tchoi8/IACD/tree/master/opencvHaarFinderExample223d2f874680511e281d822000a1f9682_7