Operant conditioning & Interspecial Communication 

 The first part of my recipe conditions my fish “Miyagi”. Everyday at a specified time the Blink(1) which is pressed up to the side of my tank turns blue, reminding me to feed Miyagi. After time Miyagi learns to associate the blue light with food – positive association.  Once a week the Blink(1) turns red, reminding me to change Miyagi’s water. Miyagi finds water changes unpleasant and comes to associate the colour red with negativity.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 1.07.29 PM

After time I start to use the second part of my recipe.
When ever the New York times reports Animal Rights developments the Blink(1) blinks blue. Miyagi is happy.  (see – )

When the New York times reports on Over Fishing or Global Warming the Blink(1) turns red – Miyagi comes to know about the state of the world and is Saddened. Miyagi develops a kind of telekinetic empathy.


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