My Little piece of privacy | Niklas Roy

A really delightful piece in which a small lace curtain is motorised along a track. A camera is used to do some motion tracking and as people walk past the window the curtain is propelled in-front of them in an effort to protect the privacy of the buildings occupance. I like the idea of this “robot” trying so earnestly to protect and shield its owner. Arduino is used to send commands from the computer to the large servo controlling the curtain.

Eunoia | Lisa Park

Eunoia from Lisa Park on Vimeo.

Lisa uses Arduino to translate her brain activity into vibrations in the 5 dishes that sit around her.
There is something beautiful about taking something as subtle and intangible as a brain wave and converting it into something so visible and powerful.

Troblion | Stefan Schwabe

TROBLION from stschwabe on Vimeo.

I think that this work has a lot of potential, but that it wasn’t achieved in the project.
I love this idea of a robotic sphere with no clue as it its orientation. Actually it doesn’t have external orientation…
I also like how it slowly gets covered in red clay, camouflaging itself. You could almost mistake it for something organic. It would have been interesting to see if they clay that gets peeled off its “body” could be fired and used – perhaps a bowl?

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