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Board Games

I have a friend who uses board games as a majority of his social interaction. I did not realize that people has been using this technique for so long.

the student loan industry

It mostly caught my attention because I know Paolo is an educator at a major university that has its students pay $60k a year. Right now I’m trying to discern what kind of tone he carried when tweeting the quote, but I can only attach my own sentiments to it, marking it with my own opinions about how I feel about college tuition in America (it’s mostly cynical and negative like everyone else’s).

I did read it in his voice though.

I wonder what this–WHOA

This tweet was particularly interesting for me because despite having been a mac user for a while, I’ve never thought of messing with its controls or doing funky things to its interface. These short, simple instructions served as a reminder to me that even the most popular, commercialized products have their silly bugs. #Windows

DINO Pet: An adorable 3D printed dinosaur nightlight powered by algae

I needed only to read the first four words of the tweet to have my curiousity piqued and exploration initiated. But beyond my nostalgic senses tingling with the “adorable” form of a dinosaur, the project has profound implications by using bioenergy (i.e. bio luminescent  dinoflagellates, hence DINO). While the scope of the project seems focused on the education of youth, it also points towards a future of sustainable energy. Not to mention it’s 3D printed shape that has undergone much research to find an ideal that could sustain the life of the algae.

Investing in the Kickstarter project is definitely on my mind. I would certainly like my own little DINO pet sitting on my desk–far easier to take care of than a cat.

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Sound Evolution

This experiment attempts to generate “music” from a collection or random sounds over a long period of time. People visit the site and click around until they find a combination of sounds they consider music. The creators parallel this process with natural selection. This tweet attracted me with its vocabulary. I wanted to see how evolution and music could be combined and analyzed. I find that engaging this process is highly interactive and becomes and individualized experience unique to my musical tastes. With generations of music influencing each individual, definitions of music shift wildly across a vast spectrum, making the evolution process incredibly slow.


I just got started on Twitter today and, honestly, it’s had for me to understand what people are saying in their tweets. They could be sarcastic or totally emotional and I will never tell. Plus, the number of links riddled through each post overwhelms me, because I feel like I have to click everything

Anyways, I found this particular tweet to be very interesting:

The second I read the word “soup” I had a feeling it had to be about Campbells. After all, Warhol basically pop-cultured it all the way to the top of American symbolism. And when I clicked on the link, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Campbells is paying tribute to Warhol by releasing limited edition cans on September 9. Funny, how it all comes back full circle.