Looking Outwards – Arduino Shields

During our first visit to Ali’s lab, I was pretty explicit about my interest in GPS capabilities in physical computing. For me, the idea of context awareness, particular in place and time, is key to the development of our identities, as well as for the appropriation of our works. So to my delight I found this cellular shield which extended those capabilities, by giving the Arduino the same capabilities as a regular cellphone, easily adding SMS, GPRS/GSM, and TCP/IP to any project. So not only is one able to generate locational data, but also send it everywhere and anywhere.



D.I.Y. Touch Screen capabilities. Enough said. —Proceeds to daydreaming about building about building own Nintendo DS so as to finally be able to play Pokemon


Many of my favorite projects incorporate audio, so to have a dedicated audio component for Arduino is exciting. At the same time this allows the Arduino to multitask, playing audio/music as it performs whatever other functions it was made to do.

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