I Have An Idea & Find My Stuff

Recipe “I Have An Idea”: Post a tweet => blink(1) light

Inspired by old cartoons and playing a Wii game called Help Wanted (see a picture here, and look at the top middle character), I propose having a light be attached to some form of headgear (such as headband or cap), that lights up yellow for a few seconds whenever the user posts a tweet. The idea is that it mimics the cartoon character having a lightbulb appearing on top of their head whenever they get an idea. This kinda makes me feel nostalgic for the old cartoons. (Yay old school!)ideaBut actually not sure who would wear this. Maybe put it on your dog and whenever it seems interested in something, indiscreetly make the light go on from afar, and pretend it facilitates interaction with people.


Recipe “Find My Stuff”: Send IFTTT text message with hashtag => blink(1) light

Inspired by my tendency to lose things, I propose having the light be small and attachable (maybe with a double-sided tape or on a clip) so a person could attach the light on any small, important objects. In my case, I have concerns about dropping my key somewhere in the dump pile I call my room. My recipe would then be to send IFTTT a text with “#findkey”. The blink(1) light on my key would then flash red for about 20 seconds, helping me fine my key. This is especially useful if I lose it in the dark. Not too artsy, but useful. (Yay utility!)

[Picture coming soon]

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