I thought it would be simple

Instructions: Hello_  take paper_ and a pencil_ orientation paper=_ landscape_ draw rectangle which is_ width>1/2 paper height>1/2 paper_ randomly draw 17_ nodes in the rectangle_ choose one node_ connect all nodes from this_ node without stopping to draw_ draw lines from all nodes to the borders_ of the rectangle randomly_ draw as many lines as you want_ sign your drawing on_ the right bottom of paper



The breaking point of the instruction was where does one command start and end. Because all instructions were not visible at once it was interesting who reads further. This was the point where the drawings differ.

Conclusion: My code was not clear and distinct enough. And I thought my code would be super simple but it wasn’t, the people read maybe the instructions twice or three times.

Fun fact: Everybody was afraid to mess the drawing up…

IMG_0681 IMG_0682 IMG_0683 IMG_0684

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