Maddy Looking Outwards – Arduino Shields

Wave Shield Kit & Etc.

The Adafruit Wave Shield simplifies the thought process behind hardware projects with audio by give you a nice shield with all the necessary components. Useful for making lots of noise! I don’t know much about sound or music, but I always find myself enjoying sonic art/projects that incorporate sound. I think it adds an extra dimension to any project and I’d love to use this in a piece.

Gameduino Shield

This has plugs for a VGA monitor and stereo speakers, and you can use it for creating “old-school” video games. Using an rPi or an Udoo would probably be easier, but it’s amazing that you can even get interactive graphics using an Arduino.

Touch Shield

It’s a fully assembled touch shield, you can use it to draw LOTS OF THINGS and it even takes pressure! Wow! I’d love to see this used as some sort of interface, like a way to design a robot’s walk path before executing.

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