Bring the Outside In


I’d like to focus on the beauty according in the natural world for my Blink System. The natural motion of falling snow or rain is one of the most beautiful scenarios in nature. For my Blink System, I’d like to create lights that change according to the weather. I wish to have blink lights installed between two sheets of glass that would be windows for a home. When the weather changes, the blink lights will be alerted through IFTTT with the weather channel. The lights will blink in a pattern of different colors shown below to simulate rain falling or snow falling.

nature2Another similar installation would be through the traffic tunnels that cars often drive through on the highway. Although there are already yellow lights on the top of the tunnels, I feel that it would be both a fantastical and magical experience if blink lights, that were connected to the change in time were also installed to the side of the tunnels so that after a certain time, they would light up to simulate the stars in the night sky. Often in crowded cities, where pollution is a heavy problem, stars would be a rare sight in the night sky. Installing these simple little blink lights to either traffic tunnels or even the ceilings of rooms, can allow people to experience the beauty of nature.



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