Swetha- Looking outwards


The Tropism Well by Harvey and John is a mechanism that is meant to replace current drinking fountains in public spaces. The well has a large ‘arm’ that holds a pitcher and extends its arm in order to pour water into a cup some participant is holding. This project was very interesting for me since it mimics what we are trying to achieve with the creature assignment. Through the simple motion of the water running up the valve, the figure seems to dip in a calm almost life-like way. The machine is not being controlled, but the water. I though that was an ingenious way to achieve motion. The project also comes to life with the interactions it has with other people; they treat it almost as if it were an animal. It commands attention and parents are eager to get their children to try it. There are also crowds of people who form around it to watch as it gives water.

hanging garden

The Hanging Garden by Aer Studio is a group of plants with LEDs who let you know when they are thirsty by lighting up the LED. This project, much like the one I mentioned before, gives so much character to something that we generally don’t see as having personalities. We know that plants are alive , however having them literally begin to glow in order to attract your attention for food gives them a certain charm or character that is not present otherwise; it highlights their vulnerability and reasserts the fact that only you, their caretaker can help them grow; it’s both humbling and empowering.


The Firewall by Aaron Sherwood is a project which lets the participants interact with the screen in order to generate interesting ripples or ‘fire’. This project seems like it mimics many others but although that may have been an element of the piece what really stands out is definitely the fact that to interact with it, one must press into the screen; This simple change in the structure of these types of projects inspires the audience to interact with the piece in ways that one would not expect; what brings this piece to life for me is definitely the participation of the audience. This is a good example of how to rework something that may be cliche to something interesting, fun, and new; it proves that there are many ways to slice a cake.

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