Looking Outwards- shields on Adafruit


The audio shield for for the arduino allows you to work with loud clear sound. It can play any track and, from my understanding, it can be hard to get a regular arduino to work with sound. The shield itself isn’t that expensive (around 15-25 dollars), so is definitely worth investing in if a project requires sound. I also think it’s very cool that headphones can be plugged in, this small but necessary component makes me think of finding ways to make your own ipod or some sort of music stream through the piece.


As the name might imply, this wi-fi shield allows the arduino to collect information from the internet. It is supposedly quicker and more user-friendly than other models. This was probably something used for the political door project that Golan showed us in class. The door was opened or closed depending on poll results which leads me to think that the arduino had a way to connect to the internet to see these results. This shield can also be used to do many other internet- based art.


This shield is amazing since it actually allows you to create your own small video game. The shield comes equipped to play sound, graphics, controllers, and more and can even support wii controllers and numchucks in order to provide a more friendly interface. It can plug into a tv to display a black and white video game. Perhaps there is another shield to allow for color video? If so, then a combination of it and this video game shield would be great to work it! Dave, especially, may enjoy making some of his previous code into video games.

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