Ticha-Byte to Eat Wallpaper


I am by no means a designer-y person, but when I do design things they tend to look very…grid-like. And circular. The text in this wallpaper was parsed from a selection of 97 different .txt files that I typed up myself containing various internet slang and text acronyms, because they are my pet peeve and I felt the need to express my hatred by creating a wallpaper design filled with them. The 16 files used in each instance of the program’s execution were selected using a random number generator, so the words that appear will look different each time. The design is probably most appropriate as giftwrap paper or something small, because I feel like it would be more headache-inducing if it spanned an entire wall.

Because of the program’s dependency on the data folder containing the font and the .txt files, I had to upload it on OpenProcessing as an applet (using Processing 1.5).

Try it out here.

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