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    ali: i had no idea that was possible with a wave shield! i learned something, thanks!
    congrats on getting this to work.
    a better/more modern way is here

    I know you had a lot of problems with this so im glad to see you didn’t give up! The gloves don’t look as scary as you might think, the only problem i think is that there are wires hanging out that makes it less transportable.

    Do you want it to be a scary box? Not sure why your preface your presentation this way.

    For fun, check out Glovetalk by Sid Fels, and also the many other glove-based musical instruments in the NIME and ICMC conference literature

    Yes, you can eliminate the first few slides of your presentation, and just get to the subject.
    …or, if the primary use is to “pay attention” to lectures in class, disguise that inside of a hollow book.

    quote “That’s totally 1983”

    Presentation wise, it might be better to show the project then explain the details, constraints, and background. There’s a balance to introducing vs. telling us everything it before we’ve seen it.

    Would prefer a video demonstration, but that can come later in final documentation. I would like to see it in situations that are interesting (such as lectures as you mentioned)

    I appreciate that you constantly position/contextualize your piece as it relates to social norms, notions of usefulness/beauty etc.

    Would almost prefer to see this completely mobile as opposed to having the glove tethered to the box. +1

    Idea: What if singers could autotune/modify their own voices by playing this glove? Making that process transparent.

    This is amazing. I enjoyed hearing Momeni speak as a chipmunk. I just wish the audio was clear enough so I can enjoy the voice and understand what he is saying when the box is far away.