Collin Burger

27 Jan 2014

An Interesting Sketch/Experiment:

Harmonics::openFrameworks + Leap Motion + Synthesis Toolkit by v1e2ridisQ3u4o
This showcases one of the best looking visually-displayed audio synthesizers I’ve ever come across.  While I really enjoy the minimal synthesizer being used, I don’t think it matches the visual style.  Also, I suspect the Leap Motion might be unnecessary as an interface for the synthesizer.  Despite this, if I have access to a Leap Motion controller I would love to play with this.

Really Promising Work that Needs Something More:

Blind Self Portrait from Kyle McDonald on Vimeo.
I think this is a great toy and a really good introduction into the world of computer vision and art for those who are not familiar.  However, there is nothing that would encourage people to come back to it and experience it again after a first try.  I think it would be improved if there were some sort of element or system added that would encourage participants to add their own hand to the drawing so that users would feel an even greater sense of ownership of the self-portraits created.

Important Contribution:

Starfield from Lab212 on Vimeo.
The manner in a variety components such as a Kinect, a projector, and a swing are used in conjunction with one toolkit 
shows the power of openFrameworks and its capability of helping to create compelling, imaginative, and polished experiences with code.  The visual display of projected stars, coupled with the simple interaction of using a swing is a fantastic example of analog control of digital substance that conjures a sense of wonder akin to that of a child looking up at the stars.