Haris Usmani

30 Jan 2014

Auto Smiley

by Theo Watso

The Auto Smiley is “lazy like a fox” app (even the video is a quick edit!). It uses OF and MPI Search for smile detection and auto types a smiley whenever you smile. It can be used anywhere you can put your cursor in and type. No fake smiles now, each smiley comes naturally! That’s what I liked. To add on, we could make an app that does a particular number of emotions- although the other emotions have to be exaggerated for the system to recognize them. A sad face, a smile with your tongue out or a wink: they’re not as easy to detect as a laugh/smile.


Simple Harmonic Motion #5 Excerpt

by Memo Akten

We’ve all, at some point, played with a pendulum in Physics 101. This is the same concept, but portrayed on an entirely different platform. Memo Akten creates what he calls ‘agents’ that are assigned a simple function. They follow a simple pattern repetitive pattern, which produces visuals and sound- when these patterns are tuned right, it results in the awesome visualizations we see above. Akten believes in creating complexity from simplicity. You can find out more details at http://www.memo.tv/simple-harmonic-motion/


The Eyewriter

This is an ‘Eyewriting’ system developed by people from OpenFrameworks, Free Art & Technology (FAT), Graffiti Research Lab and The Embeling group. It enables ALS patients to use their eye moments to draw and color graffiti as well to control a laptop by using a simple DIY hardware which costs under $50. A remarkable application that has opened doors to what they call as ‘Eye Art’. To me, this project demonstrates the power of open-source research, DIY building and creativity. You can read the full story here, or even make our own Eyewriter: http://eyewriter.org/

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