Nastassia Barber

19 Jan 2014

For the first time I regret having a Windows phone, because there seem to be no mobile apps I can use.  I don’t normally use a lot of apps, so I had no idea how lacking they were until now.

1. Daytum

I like this website because it allows you to track a bunch of different things in the same place and play with different ways of displaying the data.  I might use this to track standard things like what I eat or how much I exercise, or I might use it for something more unusual like how long it’s been since I sent a text or since I forgot something.

2.  Mood Panda

I might use this to track my mood, especially since it also lets you add a reason.  It doesn’t impose any particular update schedule, so I would impose my own so the data isn’t affected by when I feel like updating it.

3. Ask Me Every

This is useful because it reminds you to log your information each time.  I might use it to track how many cups of coffee I drank (in an effort to decrease this) or daily pain levels.  I really like that it uses texting because I can log things without being at my computer (and on my windows phone…)