Nastassia Barber

23 Jan 2014

Color Flower

This visualization is super whimsical and prompted me to spend quite a while looking at all of the different color names.  It’s a “flower” shape made of the names generated by people when asked to name colors.

I really like the simplicity of this idea and how effectively it shows the variations in color naming schemes and the sheer number of different color names.

Wealth Inequality in America

This video is definitely provocative, as I saw it shared on Facebook and clicked on it myself.  I think it does a pretty good job of illustrating statistics in a way that will inspire/anger people without being super sensationalist or pandering to the viewer.  The visuals are pretty good, too, and really illustrate how big the difference is between very rich and very poor Americans more than numbers could.  I did think the video was a little repetitive, but overall really interesting even to someone with only a passing interest.

The Art of Reproduction

This project shows the discrepancies in color (and even shape) in internet reproductions of famous artwork.

This is a phenomenon a lot of people have probably noticed but never thought too much about.  I think visualizing it in this way is very original and pretty funny, too.  The variety of colors for the same patch of skin is far greater than I could have imagined.