Nastassia Barber

28 Jan 2014

Light Painting

This piece is an animation with moving lights based on wind tunnel data.  I am infatuated with this piece because I love their source of data, and how you can see a hint of the car being tested in the wind tunnel in the result.  It’s not super-focused on the car, though, and it makes for a really nice abstract image.

Energy Flow

“Energy Flow” is a video of “energy flow during different running conditions” and represents this data as a track or tunnel-like object in 3D, which changes color. This is pretty cool, but it seems like the concept could be developed more.  It’s really mesmerizing, though, and stuff like this makes me really excited to learn about openframeworks.

Massive Attack Music Video

This music video, unlike the others, is not generative.  It does some beautifully grungey things with motifs from the American flag (the name of the song is “United Snakes”) and works really well with the music.  This one is more professional and glossy than the others, and I love the simple black and white color scheme.