Nastassia Barber

17 Feb 2014

Nervous Structure


I really like this piece even though the idea is extremely simple because it’s just so believable.  It consists of physical strings as well as bands of light projected onto the same surface.  The projected lights move in response to the motions detected by a camera.  I think these piece takes a general idea I’ve seen a lot of people trying to achieve and does it really well.

Paper Circuits

This project is a setup with several loudspeakers on which participants can draw on a piece of paper with a pencil.  After placing contacts on different parts of the drawing, the participant will hear the sound that results from their drawing.

Cloud Ceiling

It’s interesting to see interactive art in a normal public space, a bar in this case.  Project Bar in Chicago has a large light installation that lights up paths in response to patrons moving through the bar.  I think the artists did a really good job of integrating the piece with the space and I wish this kind of installation was more common.