Shan Huang

23 Jan 2014

Cool data visualization projects


Online habitats

Online habitats visualizes Github/Stackoverflow/FriendFeed users clusters based on how closely the users are related. Aside from revealing the most influential users of these websites, this project surfaces the social structure of theseĀ online communities as well, and the result looks super fun!

Life is beautiful

This project is an interesting live visualization of the photo sharing app For each user who is currently browsing a photo, the visualization creates a line between the user’s location and the location of the photo he is looking at. The long, curvy lines show the long distance information needs to travel before reaching a person, which is constantly ignored by most internet users because accessing data is so fast and simply nowadays.

The next big spill

A visualization of the Baltic Sea traffic. I think this video looks fantastic, although I don’t quite get the message it tries to deliver. Why the heavy Baltic Sea traffic indicates the next big spill?