Looking Outwards One

A Project I Admire Profoundly

Kinematics is a 4D printing system created by Nervous System. It enables the creation of foldable, complicated and evolved forms that take account of our body structure. It is an amazing combination of computational design, creative programming and digital fabrication. The most important aspect of Kinematics is that it empowers people who have access to 3D printing machine to create their unique designs with an easy to use interface.

A Project Surprised Me

I found Petting Zoo, this installation by Minimaforms really intriguing and stunning. These “creatures” interact with the audience in really speculative and humorous ways. With Kinect and Processing, I am totally astonished by the powerful outcome this combination can produce. Also the setup is a simple and intuitive, when people approach them, they will start “dancing” and hence audience will move more to provoke more interactions.

A Project Could Have Been Great

I love the idea of integrating new and emerging media with the traditional art forms. And there are so many great skills such as precise mapping and integrating other different interactive elements. However, I think the concept could be developed and there are some values to be gained out of playing this game?


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About Yingri Guan

Yingri Guan is a first year candidate from the MTID (Master of Tangible Interaction Design). With background in graphic design and mathematics.Her current work focuses on visualizing complex data in different systems by applying mathematical theories and equations.