Trapezoid for Alex


This was probably the most confusing experience I have ever had.  I was not sure what they meant by the top side so I assumed that it was the top side of the square because it was impossible to find the midpoint of a non existent topside.  I had to circle and label the transition words such as “and” and “to” in order to determine exactly how, many lines were being drawn and to where they were connecting.  In all honesty, I probably failed this whole test but it was really nice setting a time out of my day to focus on one task.  I would say this is a type of code because it has a hyper specific set of instructions that arrive to a specific conclusion and if done properly, will always arrive to the same conclusion. In my experience sat the executor, it was left up to my interpretation of language that determined the end result. But then again, I am illiterate so I might have just idiotically messed this up.

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