Looking Outwards_03



What interested me about this project was the fact that it actually had a person getting involved in it rather than the computer doing all the work. It seemed as if this project was somewhere between the generative artwork and conditional design, since the conditions were given but it was the people who were carrying it out rather than a computer. Also it was more viewer friendly since it was something that could be used as a coat hanger and seen in our daily life rather than an computational artwork that would be unfamiliar to most of people.



Zach Lieberman – Drawn: The installation


this work interacts with the person and also happens by chance. It depends on what the interacting person does to the screen. It accumulates on the screen letting people interact with others through the screen too. I couldn’t find the code to the program and I have no idea whether the programing is sophisticated right now but it is playful and poetic for the performer to play and interact with.




Jonathan McCabe


He experiments with natural geometric pattern and their application to computer art and design. His latest work which was The Origami Butterfly had interested me since his technique was so original but at the same time I thought it had originated from the nature itself. Nature is sometimes is unexpected but most of the time, I guess, is mathematical. Also his works remind me of the kids who would fold paper and cut them into different shapes without knowing how the paper will turn out when it is opened. This way of making pattern is familiar and at the same time has a beautiful aesthetic to it.




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