Looking Outwards

RUAH by Giulia Tomasello

RUAH by Giulia Tomasello reacts to human breathing and makes people think about the diaphragmatic breathing and how important taking time in modern society is. The Corset helps the wearer perform a slow deep diaphragmatic breathing, taking time to relax and providing chance to think back at oneself. Her works consists of muscle wire and and Lily pad. I think her work is meaningful in a busy life style that people have and also since its finals week.

Her work is something that is wearable, which is related to my final idea and also something that is inspired by the nature which I can get a lot from. I want to investigate more about the usage of the muscle wire and also the movements that are created by the Arduino since by the video, it looks as if it is actually an organ moving rather than something mechanical.

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Wooden Mirror

This interactive art that is wooden mirror has a camera that transfers the image to motors that control blocks of wood to show the image on the camera. The program controls the pixels taken by the camera and transfer them onto big blocks that can be transferred into the motors and control the motors degrees that affects the color of the wood (due to the amount of light that a single wood piece changes as the degrees change)

I think this project helped me develop my second idea of the simulated waves that changes color or either reflection according to the movement that a person makes. Right now I’m thinking of just an interaction since making a mirror like project is out of range of what I can do but this project had made me think of more about the movement of one piece making up the whole.

Clothes for Orciny by Lea Albaugh

This project of clothes that changes as the person walks across the border. This simple interaction had inspired me to develop my ideas for clothing too and some conceptual ideas about how to make my design work based on it.


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