Ten Lines

Concept Concept

Again, for this piece I had envisioned something that played with the idea of the mouse pushing a line forward and back. For my ten lines project I had similar problems as seen in my first one. Mainly these problems dealt with if statements and making sure they weren’t contradicting one another. I created a series of ten lines that when up horizontally that reacted to whether or not the mouse was in a certain range. The lines would then move away the mouse if it was in that range. Overall I didn’t really like this piece, mostly because of the fact that it wasn’t what I envisioned in addition to my long hours spent attempting to tackle it.


Complete Complete
float x1=100;
float x2=345;

int y2=300;
void setup(){

void draw(){

 for (int i = 0; i < =10; i = i+1) {
   float imov= map(i,0,10,0,height);
  line(x1, imov, x2, imov);

 if( (mouseX>=200)&&(mouseX< =300)){
   x1= imov-15;
 if (mouseY<200){
   x1= random(100);


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