Chaos v.s order

So oddly enough, when I was young i used to have this super vivid dream whenever I had a fever and somehow my Dad gets the same dream. Weird, right? The only way i can describe it is an atmosphere an environment that is super smooth and calm, black and white, and then suddenly chaotic and choppy and scary. I tried to make it here.

  void setup() {
    size(600, 200);
  void draw () {
    float randomness = map(mouseX, 0, width, 0, 1);
    randomness = constrain(randomness, 0, 1); 
    // float rX= random(width/2, width);
    // float rWidth= random(width/2, width);
    for (int i=1; 1<30; i++) {
      float rX= (i*20) + randomness * random (-15, 15);
      float rWidth= (i*20) + randomness *random (-15, 15);
      //if (mouseX>300) {
      line(rX, 0, rWidth, height);

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