Looking Outwards


Liked: The Human Printer – Louise Naunton Morgan

I really enjoyed watching this video. This project displays printing as executed in an analog format. The artist tediously copies an image, dot-by-dot, using CMYK format. I think this subject matter is particularly interesting in an age where automated processes are a substantial component of society. This project allows the viewer to visualize the amount of time technology saves for imaging purposes.

Surprised: “All Streets” – Ben Fry

This is a really cool project that depicts the united states through its road systems. I think it’s really interesting to think of roadways as circuits, or veins. This project allowed me to visualize this concept in a literal and relatable way. I want to see it in person.

All Roads

Disappointed:  “abstrakt Abstrakt” – Zimoun

This artist created dynamic, kinetic sound sculptures with combinations of ventilators, wires, and motors. I think this project is really cool, however it’s insanely boring to look at. I feel like there’s a more aesthetically pleasing way to exhibit this installation, other than a blank white wall.


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