15 Mar 2015

I like this project because it’s kind of bad, but will be a really fascinating experience as technology improves.  Body Swap, or Swap Buffer  is a program that scans two users into digital models, and then gives them control over each others models.  One user’s movement causes the other user’s model to move, effectively “swapping” bodies.  I find this project interesting because it explores an interesting implication of good motion capture, as well as (perhaps inadvertently) some really tricky imaging problems.  Not only is modeling with motion capture tricky, but using one’s own body to move a model of different proportions is a problem with imperfect solutions.  I find this project really cool, both in what it attempts to do, and the challenges it exposes for doing it well.

It’s not clear the artists are taking the proportion problem into account all that much (though to their credit, they do expand and compress limbs).  Perhaps they should consider doing that.

This piece was created by the group Death Buffer using OpenFrameworks and OpenCV.