Amy Friedman

09 Apr 2015


Eye tracking data collection about sports performance by @amy_friedmann


This project will focus on collecting and visualizing data about eye movement when shown athletic situations. This information can be applied to gaming, advertisements, and many other areas. I am focusing on athletics as I hope to utilize the information to create an eye tracking feedback system to improve beginners athletic performance. Understanding where to look will allow for athletes to expand their knowledge and better understand how to read another players body language.

Currently I will be collecting a system to record the data, and analyze the differences. I hope to create an interactive visualization that uses scope outside of heat map. I will be using the eyeTribe eyetracker and Processing to create this information and visualize the data.



Tobii creates eyetracking devices. They note the benefits of eyetracking include: “[1] understand human behavior, [2] enable hands-free interaction, [3] create new experiences and humanized user interfaces”.

Tobii has done some tracking in sports research, but this data isnt readily available. You can use the Tobii Glasses Eye Tracker for real time data creation.

UCD School of Psychology has utilize eye trackers to distinguish between beginner and advanced golf & tennis players using the Tobii eye trackers.

Research has also been done on how judges look at racing horses to evaluate the breed in competitions.

SensoMotoric Instruments Inc. has looked into eye tracking in baseball to improve visual perception.