Amy Friedman

13 Apr 2015

3d Scanning

Londons Abandoned Underground Mail Rail Network


I dont know if this is as much an innovative project, but the other week UK-Scan ScanLab Project was called to create a 3d scan of the tunnels, which were abandoned in 2003, to help create images of their current state. A museum honoring the postal system is being created, and the tunnels will be trains to gain access to the museum. The resolution is impressive of the scanlabs as the article states you can see the abandons offices, even dart boards that were left. This project can exemplifies information we dont know, but can gain access to. In movies we see intruders scanning the room or using heat maps to see where people may be located, but 3d scanning allows you to understand the spatial relations and even what is in the space and where. With resolution this high it will be impressive to see what is found, or what can be scanned. The only issue is the 3d scan looks as though it x-rays through a building, but people must understand you need to be in the space to 3d scan, it can uncover unknown secrets.

Human Scanning by Marshmallow Laser Feast 

For the Memex music video by Duologue, they utilized a 3d scan of actor Beryl Nesbitt. The entire video is close ups of the 3d scanned body, and the imaging is very realistic. This video begins to blur what is real and what is a scan, how can we tell the difference in the long run when 3d scans are having high quality resolution. What does the future hold, and can 3d scans be used to manipulate other videos or falsify advertisements? What if they used 3d scanning to create false messages in political advertisements?