19 Feb 2015

Insect Traps by Markos Kay simulates insects inside a virtual spinning cube, while being attacked by “larger than life biomolecular structures”. The atmosphere and color choices are fantastic. However, it is really difficult to tell what the project is actually about, and how it actually works, so it just ended up seeming like smokes and mirrors.  The process of why an insect dies is especially not transparent. It does remind me of Evolved Virtual Creatures by Karl Sims, however it felt much better and more interesting, due to how its process and many results being presented to us.


My Secret Heart uses Openframeworks to visualize a musical piece. I really enjoyed how the tendrils have multiple layers. However, the rainbow colors and particles felt a bit tacky, along with the occasional silhouettes that popped up. The organic movement is what really drew me in though. It reminded me of music visualizations that many music players came with, but the music along with the organic motion gave this piece something that is more ethereal and haunting about it than other visualizations.