25 Feb 2015

Fabulous is an interactive installation. The player uses the spherical object to interact with a projection of the night sky, and by using sound, the player can locate stars. There is a sense of beauty in this project, but the sound mechanic does not tie in with the theme, and there is considerable amount of lag between reality and projection, thus taking away the magic. The discovery of shapes by drawing them out in space is fascinating though. It reminds me of the falling words by Camille Utterback, which also uses motion tracking and projection to reveal and discover some piece.

Eyjafjallajokull uses clever light projections onto a mesh drawn onto the wall to achieve 3D effects. The lighting and the fact that it is actually a 2D surface presents a great sense of discovery and magic to this piece. I do wish the piece is interactive though. In the end, it is outshined by Bot and Dolly’s Box, which also uses projection and clever lighting to achieve 3D effects on projected surfaces, but theirs is performative, with live human actors, thus giving it a stronger sense of impossibility.