19 Mar 2015

Time Artifact.

This piece is about uses the slitscan technique we saw from Jussi Ängeslevä & Ross Cooper in class. However unlike most slitscan pieces that render the piece to look very blurry, this slitscan piece remains very sharp. In addition, it looks more as though the physical parts of the bags was literally being transformed. Something about those spirals maintain a strong presence in the type of material it is. Its really nice to see some type of artistic image processing effect to maintain a real looking clear image afterwards. Too many artist these days distort the image to something thats totally foreign. Being able to reshape the object but keeping material content of it is really awesome. I feel that this piece is strong artistically and commercially.


Whoa its a band dedicated to making procedural demos and having cool arduino outfits! There’s another video where shes wearing glowing cat hears that pulses to her emotion! I wish that there were more bands focused on having a team member that just makes interactive tech stuff. I mean its not unheard of for bands to include demos. Amon Tobin had this really cool piece for their concert

however, I wish there was a non-artsy more commercialized culture based on making cool interactive concerts.

Ahem… open frameworks. Yes. The video generated from openframeworks was quite an interesting one. It took me a few times to figure out what was going on. Its a cool use of motion capture to animate the characters in the video. Whats interesting is that those cubes minimally look like characters. It also used of glitch which I assume was also an ofx addon.